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Buckling in FE simulations

Euler column buckling

base model: 400mm_supported_bar.mfd 400mm_supported_bar_worked.mfd perturbed400mm_supported_bar.mfd perturbed400mm_supported_bar_worked.mfd

buckling load theoretical evaluation: 400mm_supported_bar.wxmx


  • nonlinear loadcase, unperturbed (N-R method)
  • preloaded structure natural modes
  • nonlinear loadcase, perturbed
  • linearized pre-buckling analysis

Flexural-torsional buckling example



profile made in s235jr steel


flanges 4 mm
web 2mm
gusset plates at supports 4 mm

simply supported in the vertical (y) direction the at gusset plate - lower flange intersection nodes (support_me node set).

100kN load, uniformly distributed along the intersection line between the upper flange and the web spanning from support to supports (load_me node set). Please note that in MSC.Marc the supplied point load value is applied to each associated node.

Evaluate the peak equivalent von Mises stress along the structure according to the linear elastic modeling.

Due to the compressive state of the profile web, a check with respect to buckling is also required.

Post-buckling analysis of a complex structure

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