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pseudo FSAE model with inertial elements, but not the driver.

Being “softly” connected to the chassis structure, the driver is considered uncoupled from the vehicle for vibration modes high enough in frequency.



  • Dynamic modal response;
  • Dynamic harmonic response: vertical harmonic load at the front, right wheel, 1-100 Hz range, sampled at 0.25Hz resolution ((100-1)*4+1 = 397 steps);

MSC.Mentat procedure for creating poor man harmonic response animations

MSC.Mentat procedure for creating poor man natural mode animations

back view side view relevance of (improper) constraints on the dynamic behaviour of a structure. Design is reliable in actual operational conditions (link).

Added constraints stiffen up the structure, thus increasing natural frequencies.

However, a 0 Hz rigid body mode natural frequency may rise to a finite value due to added positioning constraints; the associate natural mode may be excited in resonance by dynamic loads.

Structural damping references





estratto vol. 2, sezione 8 di Soovere, J., and M. L. Drake. Aerospace Structures Technology Damping Design Guide.LOCKHEED-CALIFORNIA CO BURBANK, 1985.

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